Lobos Locos is written by six wolf-hybrids who have been, at some point in time, members of the True Woods Pack, run by Kaimana Wolff and Katje van Loon. Though most of the wolves have moved on across the Rainbow Bridge, they continue to write about their experiences living with these crazy apes.

Amaruq, the King of Dawson City

Amaruq and Pack Leader.

My family was part of the famous Father Brown huskies group from Coppermine, Northwest Territories, a mixture of Arctic wolf and far northern huskies. My litter-mates and I were born in Edmonton, Alberta to a Dutch family. They were very doggish humans and I had no intention of ever leaving them, but along came the young lady ape who was to become my Pack Leader. It took me years, but at last I convinced her to move our den to Yukon so that we could live right in the True Woods.

Sila, the Den Mother

I originally hail from Sky High Ranch in the Yukon. When I was a puppy, I got adopted by a young lady ape, and when I was a teenager, Pack Leader decided to go to law school which meant we had to move to Vancouver. That makes me the only wolf dog with a law degree, as far as I know. Fortunately Pack Leader had a puppy of her own, and I guarded that sweet child with my life. We dug a very nice den in the woods of Belcarra, where I lived happily, splashing through the neighbors’ duck ponds.

Toyon, the Meathead

Well they don’t call me Toyon the Meathead for nothing. However — I managed to sire puppies! That’s important. Only one of them turned out to be a meathead like myself. Anyway. Spent my years with Sila and the crazy humans who took us in, and later Blue joined us. She was cute. Seems to me we had puppies once. Can’t say I cared much for the young ape that lived with us, but the one time I said as much I got into a lot of trouble. She forgave me, though her parents didn’t. Humans are crazy. Still. It was a good life. We dogs got big, plastic “stockings” hung on the fireplace each winter, full of squeaky toys — I love squeaky toys! get ’em right in the jugular, grrr — and treats.

Blue, the Lady of Paradise

Lady BlueSky Elinor Wolff

When I was just a puppy, I was picked up from my home at Sky High Ranch in Yukon by a lady ape who was looking for a companion for her pup. I was taken to a den in the woods of Belcarra, where I learned a lot from Sila, the den mother, and spent my time frolicking with the young human puppy. When my human companion was a bit older, she and Pack Leader decided to move to the tropics. I had to go Car Car in the Sky, which was terrifying, but my new home had plenty of shade to keep me cool, and Pack Leader’s workplace had air conditioning, too. I was very happy living in Paradise with my pack.

Major, the Elder Statesman

Major Adama, or Major Furry

I spent most of my young life going from one human’s den to another, until I started to believe I’d never find a home that would take me in forever. After several months being fostered with one of the SPCA’s foster families, an older ape and her pup came to see me and take me for a few days. For a while it seemed they wouldn’t take me, either, but on the third day I heard the older ape make a call to the SPCA, saying “We’ve fallen in love.” I nuzzled each ape in turn, giving my heartfelt thanks, and from that day forward I worked hard as their ambassador for all wolf-kind.

Tyee, the Awful Pawful

Col. Tyee

My dad was full wolf and my mom was a shep. I was born in this big ol’ barn, and then when I was adopted I wasn’t treated so well. I escaped, and I had a big, old price on my head that my previous human didn’t want to pay when the Pack found me. They rescued me from certain death and brought me to live with them in their three dens. Life is so much better now, but I’m still a very nervous dog, and sometimes I panic and destroy everything.