I Am Technowolf — Hear Me Growl!

March 20 Tyee Half-Breed and the City

Pack Leader gets some squirrelly ideas into her long-haired brain. She turned from the computer to tell me about a new device that fits onto dogs’ heads and helps them see in the dark. “I can already see in the dark,” I remind her. “Much better than you.” “But here’s the thing, Wolfydog: this invention […]


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Cotacachi Butch

February 2 Major Travel Doggalogues

The Story of Butch “Are there many humans here in Quito?” I asked Pack Leader as soon as we were stuffed into a normal car-car by the kind-smelling older human who came to meet us. (If he’d had a tail, it would have been wagging fast.) “Almost three million.” Pack Leader grinned at my surprise. […]



Escape to Doguador

January 31 Major Travel Doggalogues

When Pack Leader stumped up to my grave on the back end of our land to invite me to come with her to Ecuador, I was delighted. Not that our yard is not a nice little forest to be buried in, but being dead gets old fast. I’m lucky if the current young fool of […]



Cherchez la Chienne, part 3 — an excerpt from the next True Woods book

October 15 Amaruq King Book Excerpts

This was not my first trip to the big hunting house where Pack Leader often did her hunting, leaving me tied to the bike outside because, rather irrationally since as far as I know, wolfy dogs outperform humans on the hunt any day, canines were not allowed inside. This time, however, was different. We ran […]


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Cherchez la Chienne, Part 2 — an excerpt from the next True Woods book

October 12 Amaruq King Book Excerpts

Not long after I came to our den in Garneau, Pack Leader and Mistress decided to hold a Party. You’ll recognize it, Puppies—it’s like a Howling. Humans need to socialize, just as we do. They collect a lot of food and drink and bring it all to one place, where they stand around in clumps […]


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Cherchez la Chienne, Part 1 — an excerpt from the next book in the True Woods Series

October 8 Amaruq King Book Excerpts

Listen up, Puppies. Your mother wants me to tell you the facts of life. The origins of species, as it were—our species. Trouble is, like any wolf, I know a lot more about the origin of feces than species, even our own. If we hybrids even are a species, which is another question entirely. Hmm…. […]


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Doggone Funny Money

September 18 Tyee Half-Breed and the City

Pack Leader’s old friend Major lies buried in our back yard, near my favorite wallow. His spirit keeps nagging me. “Hey, Kid! Written anything yet?” Kid, he calls me. Grrr. I’m almost two, now, taller than Pack Leader when I place my paws on her shoulders. “He’s still a teenager,” I hear Pack Leader tell […]


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Taming the Beast: dealing with apes when they first wake up

September 14 Blue Wolf Etiquette

If there’s one thing I learned from my time among apes, it was that some of them can be downright snarly in the morning. Even if they are the sort to be generally more chipper in the morning than the evening, they won’t bound out of bed, ready for action. They need time to fully […]


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Paw Prince of Profissey

November 27 Major Back in my Day...

Boredom, up here on the hill in my cosy little grave, was relieved today by a visit from Cranberry the Bear. “I miss you, Wolfydog,” he grunted amiably. “Not one single wolf on the whole dang mountain to converse with any more!” “Shouldn’t you be turning in for a long winter’s nap soon?” Cranberry didn’t […]


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Doggisattva of Compassion

August 2 Major Back in my Day...

If you are a perceptive human, you may have twigged to the fact that the fur persons in your life have come to you for a reason. Companionship. Service. Training (yours and ours). Love. Entertainment. Cats often take this principle a little too far, treating their humans like staff. Many of my smaller K9 buddies […]


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